How to install Ganache on Ubuntu from AppImage

This minipost will guide you through all the required steps to successfully install Ganache on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) from an AppImage.

Navigate to Ganache one click Blockchain and download the latest version of the software. At this point, the latest version is Ganache v2.0.1. After the download is finished, go to the downloads directory:

cd ~/Downloads

If you have not already a directory where you install all the applications you download just create it now:

mkdir ~/applications

Move the AppImage [Ganache-2.0.1.AppImage] to the applications directory:

mv Ganache-2.0.1.AppImage ~/applications

Change to the applications directory:

cd ~/applications

Change the permissions for the Ganache AppImage:

 chmod a+x Ganache-2.0.1.AppImage

and execute:


The Ganache GUI will start and just follow the installation instructions that appear until you reach the CREATE A WORKSPACE view.

There you go, it’s on! You can now lock it to the Ubuntu launcher to access it easily later. It is also available from the Ubuntu quick launcher.

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